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Why Nurture Bodywork and Wellness? (By Sarah Fuhs)

Ultimately, I picked the name because I didn’t want it to end at bodywork. Bodywork alone can only affect so much change. I wanted a business that could affect change because it inspires people take care of themselves on all fronts. Your health is not just affected by massage therapy. It’s affected by your food, your mental state, your quality of life, the people you surround yourself with and so much more. I began Nurture Bodywork and Wellness, LLC to provide people with massage, it's true. But the core was the desire to help others lead a life where they nurture themselves. Their heart, their mind, and their body.

There is a reason I offer a First Responder Program. I wanted a business that could give back to the selfless, to offer peace and comfort to those who do without for others and to create a place that stands for those who stand up when everyone else needs them. If you are a first responder or anyone in health care right now- thank you. We need you and you answered the call. I look forward to serving you all again when this passes.

During this time of Covid-19 I understand the fear and the frustrations. There is hope that the stimulus plan could help take some of the pressure off but there is still the fear of losing everything you have worked for or falling ill. None of us like to feel out of control.

I encourage you though to remember, there is hope.

This is also the time where we will see the greatest side of humanity. We already have seen community projects that have offered solutions to problems we’ve ignored as a society for a long time as well as the problems that have cropped up due to the pandemic. I’ve seen my own neighborhood coming together with an organized bear hunt and a window Easter egg hunt for the neighborhood children. Websites such as YSA are offering lists to help people with ideas on how they can contribute during this time. Covid 19 is a tragedy. However, it offers us the opportunity to come out of it kinder, more industrious and more in tune with the needs of our communities. Nurturing our communities is the best step we can take to ensure that the world we leave behind will be better than the one we were given.

My question is, if we all gave something back- what would our world look like when we were done? It’s not a unique question. It’s been posed over generations in many ways and under many different circumstances. We each have talents that we may have overlooked because they aren’t part of our careers or our select daily To-Do list. But if you have something that brightens someone’s day- now is the time to share it. Take those talents and nurture them. Now is the time to think outside of the box for creative ways to stay employed, motivated and still manage to enjoy life. What can you offer?

Can you :

  • Do grocery runs for the elderly

  • Give food to a food bank for the homeless

  • Donate blood

  • Foster/Adopt a shelter pet

  • Raise money for non-profits in your community

  • Drop off a doorstop gift for a neighbor

  • Send Ecards to your friends and family or someone you know needs a friend during this time

  • Be a virtual volunteer

Whatever you choose, the opportunities are endless to support others during this time.

Til next time,


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